New Style 32" Planetary Grinder - 20 HP

Model: PT3220

Product Details

In case you're not sore enough from muscling our 3020 grinder through that big job, we present its big brother.  It's got a 32" working width.  It's 1325 lbs fully loaded!  It's got 960 lbs of head pressure with the weights forward.  It's the same price?!  Yes, it's a matter of personal preference at this point. When you have this kind of capability at your disposal you don't make excuses, you make money.  Runs on 208-240V  3-phase power.  Recommended generator size is 10kw or greater 3-phase.  

Total Weight (with weights) 1325 lbs
Head Pressure (with weights forward) 960 lbs
Power Requirements (3-phase) 208-240V
Circuit Size 3-phase) 30 Amp
Recommended Generator Size 10kw or more 3-phase