New Style 28" Counter-rotating Grinder - 10 HP

Model: PT2810

Product Details

Our most affordable and portable grinder. Often chosen for prep work in smaller areas such as garages and shops.  The PT2810 is a solid work horse and the most productive counter-rotating grinder in its class.  At 718 lbs with the included articulating weights, it doesn't doesn't skip work.  It cuts it in half.  Runs on 208-240V single or 3-phase power.  Recommended generator size is 10kw or greater.

Total Weight (with weights) 718 lbs
Head Pressure (with weights forward) 468 lbs
Power Requirements (single\ phase) 208-240V
Circuit Size (single phase) 30 Amp
Recommended Generator Size 10 kw or more
New Style 28" Counter-rotating Grinder - 10 HP - PT2810