New Style 25" Planetary Grinder - 15 HP

Model: PT2515

Product Details

This is a great medium sized grinder capable of prep or polish work.  Considered by many to be the perfect "Sweet Spot" grinder.  It's small enough to handle easily but big enough to be productive.  At 996 lbs and 625 lbs head pressure it carries the weight and power of a larger grinder in a compact bundle of muscle that you can feel the first time you run it.  Runs on 208-240V single or 3-phase power.  Recommended generator size is 17.5kw or greater if single phase, or 10kw or greater if three-phase.

Total Weight (with weights) 996  lbs
Head Pressure (with weights forward) 625 lbs
Power Requirements (single\ phase) 208-240V
Circuit Size (single phase) 50 Amp
Recommended Generator Size 17.5 kw or more single-phase, 10 kw or more three-phase